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VNRE - Only 50km from Hochiminh City CBD to the southeast, an ecology real estate project is built entirele on the encroaching land with an area of 600 hectares, combining harmonious features of Can Gio mangroves and a standard of word-class urban planning, Saigon Sunbay is proud to bring a new definition for a lifestyle in the future.



The only place in the city with forest and sea, the forests, rivers and canals comprise more than 70ha of land area, adjacent to Pacific ocean, rich flora and fauna and are recognized as national UNESCO Biosphere Reverse in 2000. Can Gio district together great elements of urban development to develop ecotourism city. In the near future, Saigon Sunbay project will be an attraction place with residential, domestic and foreign tourists coming to Can Gio and increase.

Master Plan

Floor Plan

Heart Bay

Central Zone: Is the heart of township with commercial activities, tourism, entertaiment for example festival on the beach, outdoor concerts, street walking and shopping, dining...

Vacation Zone: Concentration mainly is hotel with average height compared to surrounding areas to take the advantage of sea-view. Around buildings are the garden space, trees and outdoor holiday hut.

Retreat Zone: Be arranged with high-end resorts and resort-hotel, resort area separate nature directly overlooking the sea. The works here are low-rise structures located along the street create comfortable environment, relaxing. Here there are boat wharves and museums showcasing unique ecology of the fauna and flora of magroves.

Eco Bay

Eco-Resort: The highlights of this area are floating resorts with natural beauty everywhere. In addition, it also focuses with spa, bungalow, resort with bold tropical characteristics architecture and uses natural materials for visistors to feel harmony with nature.

Riviera Zone: Green park stretching along the river curves and winding greenery create basic charateristics for high-end residential. One-way roads are designed to create the feeling floating on the Green River - the nature river.

Life Bay

Garden Zone: Designed as the village area, garden villas with different areas hide within the gardens and flower carpets. Part of these areas can develop projects with the average height to create a transition space, sea visibility, and reserve more for green space.

Sunrise Zone: Located at the east end strip of township land adjacent sea designed with luxury villas, relax villas, apartments. Residents will enjoy the wonderful environment with dawn appearance from the horizon.

Blue Bay

Beach Front: Is connected from downtown to the marina, Beachfront attracts tourist with white sand beaches and sports areas for beach enthusiasts to explore. Beachfront is the place focusing and restaurant coastal systems and plaza for festival activities and local cultural events.


Can Gio Tourist City Corporation (CTC) efforts to become the leading real estate business in Vietnam, a pioneer in building modern tourism city towards community benefits.

We are the developers in Saigon Sunbay project, we are confident to develop this project in the future and will become an eco-tourist city and represents symbol of Hochiminh City. With the advantage of major shareholders having more experience in the areas of investment, finance, travel services such as Saigontourist, SGI, Board of Trustees - Finance Commitee of Hochiminh,,, besides the unique factors such as nutural conditions, capable partners as well as city development orientation to Can Gio district.


For further information, please contact:

Can Gio Tourist City Corportion
Add: 44/14 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3515 5081 - 3515 5082 - Fax: 84.8.3844 5911
Email: ctc_corp@vnn.vn - Website: www.ctc-corp.vn

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