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The new development in Bac Ninh province was initiated in response to requests from existing tenants who want to expand into the North of Vietnam.

“We realized we need to grow with our customers and so we’ve quickly developed plans to create the new industrial township, strategically located 18km from Hanoi.

The new park will follow VSIP’s strategy of focusing on “clean industry.”
“The target is companies that make a minimal environmental impact, so we favor companies involved in pharmaceuticals, precision engineering and electronics.”

In addition to the industrial park, there are also opportunities for Japanese investors to partner in building housing units and associated facilities, including for instance, Japanese style housing villas.

There are plans afoot for a 30 million USD four-star hotel, an outdoor sports area and a 15 million USD supermarket. When completed, the project is projected to attract more than 200 investors with a total estimated investment capital of over 2 billion USD, and create over 40,000 jobs.

For further information, please contact:

VSIP Bac Ninh Co. Ltd
Add: Phu Chan Commune, Tu Son District, Bac Ninh.
Tel: 84.241.376 5668 - Fax: 84.241.376 5666.

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