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Located in South Can Tho bridge new urban area, Cai Rang district, Can Tho city, My Hung new urban area has the total area of 75 hectares. Moreover, it is close to International University, Tay Do University and Tay Do Cultural Center, opposite intercity – Ho Chi Minh city, near Can Tho bridge and 2km from Can Tho center. Thanks to those factors, it is easy for My Hung Central Park to carry out commercial and financial transactions as well as transportation activities.

Estimated that My Hung will receive about 11,000 inhabitants, not inclusive of travellers.

My Hung’s infrastructures

Public facilities

- Mall: comprises 500 – 700 stores (43,000 sq.m), international hospital (20,000 sq.m ) with 200 – 300 beds, 5 star hotels (10,000 sq.m) with 150 rooms, secondery schools (14,000 sq.m), primary school (16,000 sq.m), and kindergarten (10,000 sq.m).

- Ward’s financial area: 2000 sq.m. Petrol station (925 sq.m), public parking (more than 3000 sq.m). Waste treatment system, waste transportation area create a clean urban area

- Cultural Park along Cai Nai canal: sports area, exercising course, entertainment area, semicircle pool, , marina, irrigation canal, bridge for sight-seeing, restaurant area.

Housing work

- Commercial house and commercial house with back yard: 1,123 lots with 5-9m of width and 16 – 18 m of length and 48 8m wide lots. Suitable for building villa shaped 3-6 floor houses.

- Multi-functional high building: 171,285 sq.m for building 3,000 – 4,000 apartments combining with commerce and office building with a scale of 7 -28 floors.

- All works in new urban area have underground light, telecom, fire preventation, water supply system together with clean environment project.

Contact Information

Hong Loan real estate and construction company
Address: 16 – 18 Tran Van Kheo st., Cai Khe ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho
Tel: 0710. 765438
Fax: 0710. 764 166

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