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The project is an important part of the Manor by the Bitexco company as investors with a total construction area of 11,245 m2. The project includes a commercial center high 5 storeys with the highclass apartment area combination with office for lease high 18 floors.

Commercial center high 5 floors was designed specifically, in the middle is a wide space from level 1 to level 5 with roofs covered with imported materials to get natural light for the entire. From floor 1st to the 3rd floor is shopping center with retail shops are arranged along two sides to the entrance. This presentation will sell high quality products, famous brand in Vietnam and the world. Floor 4th is the restaurant area and the movie ticket automatically. Customer comfortable choice for any of favorite movies and sitting position does have the appropriate on 8 screen. Separate floors 5th has 6 cinemas with the capacity of 1200 seats, also has gym, swimming pool ...

Apartments area combined offices for rent (Officetel) high 18 storeys, from floor 1st to level 3rd is the service office area including meeting room, conference room, Non smoking rooms, waiting rooms, galleries , and health care, beauty, restaurant ... From floor 4th to level 17th is a highclass apartment with 6 kinds of different areas.

Studio Apartment wide 41.7m2 with 1 bedroom, 1 living room, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen and dinning room. This type of apartment is designed for single people or young couple, to bring the convenience and functionality for users. Depending on the arrangement of the employer, bedroom or living room can become a meeting room or office or the individual room, conference room.

Apartments from 107m2 to 117m2, including 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom, 1 diningroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony and storage. This type of apartment is designed to create open space for apartments can use natural light. Area by the middle of the apartment can be used as a reception desk, dining or cooking. Some bedrooms can use ad the office for director or department in the company is very reasonable. Floor of the apartment was paved with types wooden imported from foreign.

Separate 18th floor has 4 apartments with an area of 256m2, including 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, dining room, bar, garden and 3 very large balcony can plan trees and sit drinking coffee and messages time. All apartments are equipped with wall cabinet, gas stove, kitchen cabinet ,...

The Garden is an important part of strategy development complete community could self-provide, maintenance and development at The Manor.

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