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Located at one of the most favourable location in the North of Vietnam, Splendora will soon become center of the west of Hanoi, with total area of 264,13 hectares.

Bordering with Lang – Hoa Lac highway, life-line of western gateway, and just around 20 km counted from Noibai International Airport, from Splendora, you can go anywhere easily and quickly.

Splendora – complex urban area with multi – functional space, – together with other urban areas such as Quoc Oai, Ngoc Liep… forming a group of modern and unified urban area.

You can enjoy fresh air, dreaming spaces created by artificial lake with 6,6 hectares, eco-friendly environment, flowers gardens, green areas..High-class international school occupy up to 5hectares, other functional spaces such as entertainment, culture, office, shopping center…also being contructed to create a one-stop life for urban residents here.Besides, Splendora also apply new conept of Security system to absolutely ensure security for people here.

At Splendora, you can meet the model of New York economic center, fashion and culture center of Paris, tourist and entertainment center as Dubai, Sydney…symbol of global life.

Business Environtment

Geological Environment

- Splendora is a base city for development of western axis of Hanoi and expected to act as a core city for Hanoi being connected to other western axis development cities in the future.

- Located near the Lang – Hoa Lac Highway that connects Hanoi with Hoa Lac, and Ring Road 4, the projected area is equipped with a superior wide-coverage traffic environment.

- On the southern and northern sides of the expressway, new towns of a similar size will be symmetrically constructed, raising expectations for considerable synergy creation.

Traffic Environment

Located 6km from National Conference Center. Take only 5 to 6 minutes by car

- Favorable traffic conditions due to being located at the intersection of the Lang-Hoa Lac Highway and Ring Road 4

- Easy access to Noi Bai Airport and other satellite cities around Hanoi

Hanoi Population distribution Plan

Major building site development projects in Hanoi have been accelerated centering around western area and eastern area, and a transport network development plan has been established in consideration of development axes.


Designers have oriented to develop the land area to main functional areas: commercial area, high-rise area, public area and low-rise area

Master Plan desiged by POSCO E&C. Other construction items in first phase designed by:

· Eric Dubosc (Dubosc & Landowski), France
· Professor and Landscape Architect, Katherine Bennett
· Dong Il Architects & Engineers, Korea
· Vinaconsult, Vietnam

Splendora Identity:

· Over 60-Storey Landmark Tower located right at the center of the Project.
· Villa area designed by French style.
· Terrace house are designed with 3 types of garden.
· High-rise apartment.
· Community center.
· Education system including International School, Elementary School, Junior High school,Senior high school, kindergarten

Development phases: Splendora project is divided to six phases.

First phase: Residential

Implementation time: 2009 – 2012. Total area: ~ 50 ha

Sales progress:

Start selling villa and terrace house from Octorber, 2009:

- Villa: 317 units, consists of 6 types: 210m2, 210at m2, 270m2, 330m2, 390m2, 450m2

- Terrace house: 236 units, consists of 13 types: 100m2, 100Am2, 123m2, 123Am2, 125Bm2, 125Cm2, 125Rm2, 128m2, 129m2, 135m2, 142m2, 145m2, 163m2

Apart sales procedure will be announced later.

For further information, please contact:

An Khanh Joint-venture Company
Hotline: 1900-9000 - Website: www.splendora.vn

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