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Hung Phu Residence, South Can Tho River, at the lot 49th, Hung Phu Ward, Hung Thanh, Can Tho City, located in Can Tho City master plan in 2010 was approved by the Prime Minister.

The whole area: 43.44ha.

Land area is located convenient to urban transportation and artery transportation, to meet the requirements to develop a new urban area.

Phu Hung new urban development also created scenery for the South Can Tho River, increase attractiveness for all architectural areas and Can Tho City, is one of the places thrive on tourism.

Facilities and services

Absolute security: Professional management and security team who work 24/24 and always ready to solve problems immediately.

Pure living environment: The rate of 44% for plant and internal traffic in combination with many facilities as park, sport center, kindergarten, cultural house and so far, this place will establish a green urban with new modern and civilized living style.

Urban landscape: Rows of high-floor building, which are designed modernly like hotel, supermarket, mall, office for lease and etc., are along the main street leading to the center, furthermore, in combination with natural green space and public facilities, they will give prosperous and beauty for whole area.

Other information

Complete planning of the project including villa area, townhouse, supermarket, hotel, apartment, office for lease, market, school, hospital, sport center, park, play-ground for children and etc.

- Electricity system for whole area is underground and lead to each house.
- Telephone and TV cable serve the area.
- Peripheral lighting system is along the street.
- Camera and traffic light are available at main crossroad.
- Street and water system are constructed completely following standards of new urban.

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