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The site is 100 hectares located in Rach Gia, 250km south-west from Hochiminh City. The site consists entirely of reclaimed land in water adjacent mangroves. PTW's design response is an archipelago of thress islands, which allows the free flow of sea water and its accompanying nutrients into existing and new planting of mangroves. The south-eastern island - the closest island to the city centre - is the heart of development. An axis radiating from the People's Commitee Building links the city centre to the water's edge. A wide variety of public land uses is present along the axis: a public promenade and a marina, shopping malls, entertainment and iconic hotels, and mixed use development.

The other two islands of the development are designated residential precincts, comprising of villas, terraces and apartment buildings with waterfront views. Parks and internal water cannals are also woven into the masterplan design. This approach provides a comfortable, unconventional and sustaintable precinct for approximately 3,500 residents.

Design Concept:

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