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New-fangled construction ideas are very the thing that makes the Minh Viet Investment Joint Stock Company (MVIC) outstanding.

Bay View Towers, a Ha Long Bay-based project

On November 15, MVIC announced that it will be building Bay View Towers in Ha Long Bay in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh, and that project construction will begin in February 2010 and is expected to be completed at the end of 2012.

An entertainment, trade and deluxe apartment project, the US$45 million project will house 25-storey twin towers on 0.75 hectares of land on the coast of Ha Long Bay.

They will encompass more than 500 deluxe apartments (80-128 square meters) and 10 500sq.m penthouse apartments.

MVIC General Director Chi Edward said that the project is called The Bay View Towers because it will be situated on a strategic location of the Ha Long Bay.

The wonderful nature in Ha Long Bay, including natural pure air, long, beautiful beaches, sand dunes and more, will all create an ideal living environment in and around the Bay View Towers.

Tricon Towers, a unique high-rise architecture

Tricon Towers is a high-grade and luxurious commercial, service and residential complex that is under construction in the center of Bac An Khanh Star World, a new urban area by the modern Lang-Hoa Lac Highway in Hanoi. Bac An Khanh Star World is one of the most synchronously-planned and modern urban area in the north with a total area of 264 hectares in the heart of the expanded Hanoi.

Tricon Towers feature three 44-storey towers with 732 luxurious and super quality condominiums complete with functions and amenities required for modern life. Each unit, ranging from 131 to 744 square meters in area and between two and five bedrooms, has at least two side views with overall perspectives. Situated right in the heart of Bac An Khanh Star World, Tricon Towers is endowed with a system of public lakes, flower gardens and green parks, providing those living and working in the towers with an ideal living and working environment that is characterized by comfort, luxury and nature-friendliness.

The 1.7ha, US$145 million project is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Chi Edward said that the design of Tricon Towers is the result of the long-term cooperation between him and his Singaporean fellow-workers.

Having acknowledged that Vietnamese love to live in an environment close to the nature, Chi Edward and his Singaporean colleagues worked hard to make Tricon Towers an unique and close-to-nature high-rise project that has gardens on the sixth, 24th and 36th floors.

An experienced, leading real estate business in Vietnam, MVIC is making use of all of its resources to create and provide the market with high-grade products. It keeps improving to become a leading real estate business in Asia, which provides the best products/services for all customers.

MVIC recently opened its sample penthouse apartment. It is compared to a heaven on earth and the 'pearl' of the high-rise project.

Reported by Kieu Nga/VEN

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