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Vnre.blogspot.com - Phuc Ninh New Urban is built with the largest scale and most modern in Bac Ninh, place under complex of 1000 ha including: industrial - urban - residential - services in which urban area is 120 hectares.

With a central location in Bac Ninh city-a new center is planned, completed construction and modern includes a road system, electricity systems, water and other services as Posts and Telecommunications, Bank... Phuc Ninh is far away from Hanoi Capital 25km, the Noi Bai International airport 30km, 110km to the Lang Son border gate, the Ha Long Bay 110km, very convenient in traffic. Named the "heart of Kinh Bac", Ninh Phuc Urban has absolute advantage in geographical without any urban area in the region have been.
Căn đều Hai bên
Phuc Ninh urban area is located around the four sides are all the province's main roads: one side borders National 1A Highway (Hanoi-Lang Son), one side borders Tran Hung Dao street - main roads leading into Bac Ninh city center, another side borders Kinh Bac cultural center - the largest cultural center of Bac Ninh.


With a total area of 120 ha, Phuc Ninh urban is designed under modern standards urban area of Vietnam and trends in the world, including:

- The international standards residential area for foreign professionals;
- The highclass residential, villas serve the needs of the Hanoian and the entire community;
- Complex of 5-star hotels, commercial centers, highclass residential, recreation areas, parks and general services...

Phuc Ninh new urban is constructed following the model of a new residential area with infrastructure and social infrastructure synchronous; position and strategic goals important in creating ideal habitat in accordance with international standards, in order to build the typical village professionals: Vietnam experts village, Japan experts village, Taiwan experts village, European Village, American Village,... for experts working in Que Vo Industrial Zone.

Phuc Ninh new urban is designed following model of modern American architecture, including 1300 expert-house and luxury villas with an area of 300 to 500 m2. The public works, services, trees, entertainments are designed to meet more quality life of people living in the area. The project was approved and implemented to meets housing needs for staff, workers in industrial zones, thereby increasing the attractiveness for Que Vo Industrial Zone and increases the urbanization speed of Bac Ninh province.

With economic growth and investment increasingly is in high speed of Bac Giang and Bac Ninh province, the construction of hotels and entertainment is essential. In Phuc Ninh urban area, a five star 300-room hotel with international conference center 1000 seats will be built. The range of holiday villas (Resort villas) is located in the construction model of Phuc Ninh urban, symbolic of prosperity. Besides, around the Dimond lake (150.000m2) sports works, entertainment area, the restaurant offers colorful cultural diversity of Japan, China, Korea, Europe, Americas are designed and arranged reasonably.

In the Phuc Ninh urban area also build a commercial center located on an area 100.000m2 ready to serve the shopping needs of all customers, this is the first trade center was built in Bac Ninh by modern style, there are supermarkets in association with other synchronous services.

Currently, more and more customers from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and some adjacent provinces, cities come to the Phuc Ninh urban area. The contracts is continuous signed, the construction of urban infrastructure are urgently completed and the villa, adjacent buildings are springing up with speed dizzy. In particular, an important customer that are specialists, senior officials of well-known corporations come from all over the world as HP, Foxconn, Mitac, Toyo Ink, Sentec, Nippon Steel, Tenma, Mitsuwa, ... investors in the Que Vo Industrial Zone, Quang Chau... has come to Phuc Ninh as the house in their homeland.

The support works

Central Park with an area of 30 hectares, including 10ha of trees surrounding the lake has area of 20ha. With the criteria 'Green-Clean-Safe", the construction model of Phuc Ninh urban attachs special important to environment, population density, public works. The rate of trees, water per capita is very high, reaching 40m2/person, rate of roads is 45m2/person. These criteria are being applied in countries with large land areas such as Europe, USA and Australia.

Besides, the system of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, amusement park of international standard is built synchronously, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports centers are also building to create a comfortable life, satisfy the needs of people here.

For further information, please contact:

Kinh Bac City Development Share Holding Corporation
Add: Que Vo Industrial Zone - Bac Ninh Province
Tel: 84.241.363 4034 - 221 4688 - Fax: 84.241.363 4035
Email: kinhbaccity@hn.vnn.vn - info@kinhbaccity.com.

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