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VNRE - The project is developed on a parcel located in Ho Chi Minh City. Address: 117-123 Le Loi - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

The plot has an area of 5649.8 m2 Architects try to respond to the objectives set by the investor in the design documents with a versatile program that allows the use of multiple use of the building. It is very important to qualify for the different entrances of the building.

The project focuses specifically on building the proper organization and proper functioning of your account. In a building where alternative uses, it is important to establish a clear operational scheme. The first important decision to be taken has been the perceived volume of the building, allowing understanding of their uses. In addition, factor environmentally friendly goes with this proposal. Finally, the design of a building with a spectacular volumes and treatment of high-gloss finish makes this a milestone for the urban environment and to serve as a commercial claim.

Location: 117-123 Le Loi - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City
GFA: 40 507 m2
Height: 143 m.
Height: The building is 35 floors above ground level.
Owner: Saigontourist
Design: CMV Architects.

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