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Ha Duy/Vnre.blogspot.com - In the purpose of supplying new apartments for the whole staffs working in the company, Vietsovpetro joint-venture enterprise has invested in building the biggest property project in Vung Tau city until now.

Vietsovpetro Plaza is located at the corner of Nguyen Thai Hoc and Nguyen Tri Phuong street, Ward 7, nearby Vung Tau Commercial Center area. This is a complex including 3 independent blocks seperated by the insulating slot and there are bridges linking 2 blocks each other at 20th and 28th floor. The height of the construction is 33 storeys. As designing, from 1st to 6th floor is for the commercial and services center, office for lease whereas from 7th to 33th floor is for the apartments. Total construction floor is to 104.612 m2 ( exclusive of the basement ).

Project’s construction site

Project Information

  • Investor: Vietsovpetro joint-venture enterprise.
  • Consultant: Saigon Investment Consulting and Construction Corporation (SICC).
  • Contractor: Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC – IC).
  • Total construction area: 12.838 m2.
  • Construction site: 4.250 m2.
  • Total construction floor: 127.915 m2 (including the basement).
For further information, please contact:

Vietsovpetro Joint-Venture Company
Add: 105 Le Loi street, Vung Tau city.
Tel: 84.64.383 9871 - Fax: 84.64.383 9857.

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