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Vnre.blogspot.com - Viglacera Tower high-rise residential complex is one of the first green buildings in Hanoi. The project was built with the investment criteria of green building: energy saving, environment-friendly, intelligent apartments and high safety.

Viglacera Tower is located in "Viglacera commercial offices, hotels and housing project". The land area about of 40.000m2 with two office buildings, a hotel and two apartment buildings, this will be a prominent point in the overall planning of landscape architecture around the National Conference Center.


The project has very favorable position, lying on the intersection of Tran Duy Hung, Pham Hung, Khuat Duy Tien and Lang-Hoa Lac. Transportation to the surrounding area is very convenient.

The construction of social infrastructure around the project:
  • BigC Supermarket
  • Hospital 198 - Ministry of Public Security, Sports Hospital, Ministry of Construction Hospital ...
  • School: Hanoi University of Commerce and Trade, Hanoi National University, Hanoi University of Foreign Studies.
  • Hanoi Amsterdam High School, Nguyen Sieu High School, Trung Hoa Secondary School, Vietnam - Algeria Secondary School, Dang Tran Con Primary School.
The scale and architecture

Viglacera Tower is including two 40-storey high A and B towers with near 200.000m2 floor construction, total investment over 200 million dollars. From level 1-3 is the commercial-services area and public utility, from level 4th to floor 39th includes over 1000 apartments with area from 87 - 175m2, and 23 penhouse with area from 186-350m2 located at floor 40th of the building. Specifically, three basement of the building ensures parking lot of about 1200 cars, offers space for each apartment up to a private car.

The unique features of the Viglacera Tower is bringing natural to the house. The concept "green building" is the decisive ideal in creative architecture of works.

Each apartment has a small garden with logia, eligible to create a small piece of garden plants, flowers, a rockery and a murmur stream. Besides, public architecture spaces are different highlights of projects. "Hanging Gardens" is an idea in the organization of green space in a public space that few other buildings have been in Hanoi. Each floor, the lobby floor are illuminated directly by a garden space as a place to rest, relax, exchange, sightseeing outside apartment space to create the most comfortable before returning to your home.

Hall is a spacious layout with magnitude equivalent 5-star hotel lobby. Guest lounge seat, waiting, communication. Hall can organize gala evening, community activities, communication exhibition. Building A, beside the main hall also has courtyard scene, is gathering place for children, adults ...

Not stopping there, the building also arranged outdoor swimming pool and indoor combination with beverage bar system is a great place to relax for all classes of residential in all weather conditions.

Smart Apartment Solutions

The smart apartment solution includes an intelligent control integrated system: lighting, air conditioning and remote control. When residentials leave home just press a button "Goodbye" on the controller, the light will immediately turn off, air conditioning system will reduce and shut down, Access control system is activated and lock all the doors. If the house is intrusived, the alarm system will be activated and light system turns on simultaneously to automatically send messages to the owner of house. Now, the owner can remotely access their home, observe the position in the house by security cameras were available and if necessary can call actively support. The security camera was set recording mode will save the data for the the owner when necessary.

In addition, fire prevention, monitoring security, internal telephone system, public broadcast system, doorphone system etc... are also installed comprehensively to ensure the safety and the most comfortable for the future owners of the building. Apartments will be completed with the modern materials and equipment, comfortable and environment-friendly.

Viglacera Tower will contribute to the architecture face of Hanoi, while contributing to improving the quality of life, shows a distinct class for residents of the building. The project marked capacity, brand of Viglacera Corporation, one of the corporations have marked in field real estate investment with high quality: green, clean, modern and associated with the environment-friendly.

For further information, please contact:

Viglacera Real Estate Company
Add: 2nd Floor, Viglacera Tower, No.1 Lang–Hoa Lac Street,
My Dinh Commune, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City.
Tel: 84.4.3553 6688 - Fax: 84.4.3553 7666
E-mail: vir@viglaceraland.vn - Website: www.viglaceraland.vn

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