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VNRE - Architectural detail of the Thang Long Theater will be choose by Ha Noi People's Committee from two design plans. The work is expected to start construction to welcome The 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi ceremony.

On September 4th, Ha Noi City People's Committee, Department of Construction held reporting and selection design of international architectural competition for the Thang Long Theatre. There are two participated advisory units: Renzo Piano (Italy) and Norman Foster (UK).

Proposed location of the Thang Long theater is in the planning of West WestLake new urban areas with about 22.263 ha. Thang Long theater includes a stage for classical concert from 1200-1500 spots, a stage for multifunctional performance of 1800 spots and space for performances outdoors.

Competition Jury consists of seven members who are experts in and outside the country. On September 4th, the jury voted and choose the design by the Renzo Piano consultant. On September 9th, the Council evaluate the design of the Thang Long Theatre was presented with Mr.Nguyen The Thao - President Hanoi People's Committee on the optimal design plan of the building. However, the end result will be decided after collecting suggestions from the community in Hanoi, expected on September 13th.

Reportedly, the plan's Renzo Piano consultant took inspiration from the red sails on Halong Bay's firmament. It is as bright point on a dark sky, like a spirit lamp - a bright point at the end of axis planning, like an engine shows contemporary art.

The Thang Long Theater will be organized into three areas include a theater, outdoor stage, floating garage, giving water and green space for park. A thin shaft of traffic through the three spaces.

The major work where organizes the classical concert is located above the multifunctional performance room. The structure works mainly use steel, glass to create gently feeling despite the height of the top is 100m. Roof systems use accumulated energy technology, the lean-to systems use glass water pipes to reduce heat radiation in the summer.

As planned, the Thang Long Theatre is expected to start on October 7th to celebrate The 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi ceremony.

Reported by Thao Le - LDO

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