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VNRE - According to Lee Dae Bong - Chairman of Charmvit Corporation (South Korea) who is investing $300 million to build the Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel - "Vietnam is an attractive investment market".

"I believe that investment in Vietnam to create a better effect than in China. Hopefully, my success will help bring more other Korean business to Vietnam."

In an interview with the press on September 7th, Mr.Lee Dae Bong said, no big groups of Korean do not know about the attractiveness of investment markets in Vietnam. "Vietnam economy grows impressive and brings many investment opportunities. The Vietnamese laborers are famous diligent and hard-working "- he said.

Mr.Lee Dae Bong said, on September 26th, Charmvit Group will launch luxury hotel called the Grand Plaza Hanoi which is located nearly the Vietnam National Conference Center. This is one of the great project to celebrate 1000-Year of Thang Long-Hanoi.

"The whole architecture inside the hotel are gilded 24k gold. Really, if I haven't bought reserve of gold from four years ago, I wouldn't dare to use for Grand Plaza Hanoi with the current price "- Lee Dae Bong said.

As expected, Grand Plaza Hanoi will create over 700 jobs for workers in Hanoi. Grand Plaza Hanoi was constructed very fast, finish in less than three years on floor area 130.000m2.

Reported by Xuan Thanh - AP.

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