» » » Ecopark - Complete structure of the journey

VNRE - "If the western is a mountain, it is also limited road; if before my face is a river, that is separation, so let's rising and let your eyes free to see the horizon and sea", that is a strategic vision of Vihajico in investment to Ecopark urban area.

The resources create Ecopark

Ecopark urban area is built on the foundation of the land which has a long history of development, here is considered the cradle of culture of the Northern Delta. On this land, each village preserved extremely rich social value and spiritual in historical monument, the festival... The cultural resources of the area became great attractive for people who are looking for places to discover the orginal point or experience life.

Second resource that Ecopark are enriching it is the ongoing effort for the strategic of environment, this is the basis for develope unshaketable urban. Vihajico understand that the community benefits are generated by public space and houses. At Ecopark, each specific project, each street, each sidewalk, each small gardens, each centimeter front of house... is not only economic benefits, the value added of the property that over all it is worth of the living environment, of moral value.

City of Green

Vihajico developes Ecopark towards the goals of social and environmental beside goal of economic. Bac Hung Hai river will be a highlight of the identity beside a landscape canal with a total area up to 110ha for green trees and lake.

Vihajico also desired Ecopark be the point of junction connecting the travel road on east bank of the Red River. Central axis of the Ecopark phase 1 connects between the Bat Trang dyke and Ecopark Avenue will be the axis of trade and tourism, attractive beautiful scenes invite the tourists. If you enter Ecopark following the Ecopark Avenue, the first work to see will be "green". Right the crossroads intersection of Ecopark Avenue (wide 100m) and central road (wide 30m) of the phase 1 is a huge old tree with a diameter up to 8 meters and height 20m. From this point, you access easily to Tung Garden, Mai Garden, Bamboo Garden, Rung Co... that are not only creating a comfortable living environment, but also a idea stopping point for visitors. Ecopark - complete structure of the journey.

Ecopark will connect the flow of culture, connect the pattern of villages with modern urban, connect the historical monument which are still incoherent along the Red River.

The division boundary and psychology "must cross the river" has been cleared. Advantage of traffic with two most modern bridges are Vinh Tuy bridge and Thanh Tri bridge. Distance from Ecopark to Hoan Kiem Lake are just a few kilometers. Another advantage is the investment to upgrade landscape for dyke along the river. This road will create conditions for tourism development.

Come to Ecopark is not coming to a normal city that come to the city with thousands of trees. That green is the color of proliferation, the color of hope, giving confidence for the investors, for people who have needs in housing...

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