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VNRE - Among these units were invited to attend the competition for the Thang Long Theatre, there are the biggest names in world architecture village such as: Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Tadao Ando... Renzo Piano is the ultimate winner.

According to Nguyen Chi Tam, Director of HighEnd Architecture, who worked 10 years for the Renzo Piano in Paris (France) and now he is representative people of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Vietnam, "although there are many projects around the world but architect Renzo Piano has directly planned the design for Thang Long Theatre, not quite leave for his partners".

"Renzo has great passion for architecture. Thang Long Theatre project with him is not only an interesting challenge about cultural, artistic but also because 1,000 years old history of the Hanoi capital", Mr Tam said.

Thang Long Theatre design consists of 3 blocks, the main theater and two large squares are the outdoor stage. During the day it will be a great water station, and is the space for outdoor exhibition. The main work is organized harmoniously, classical concert hall is arranged on performing multi-function room. Main structure uses steel materials, glass, roofing system apply to the accumulate energy technology, the parapet system uses the water glass pipes reduces heat radiation in summer.

I dreamed of a amazing lamp for the new city beside the West Lake of Hanoi. I dreamed about a place where life continues on the night. A place where light bloom and spread, a place where people sit to contemplate and absorb the essence of cultural and richness of life.

(From the introduction of the scheme of Renzo Piano)

"Renzo Piano decided about the idea, designed the basic issues. He's like a talented worker than a manager or business, "Mr Tam said.

In each project, Renzo is working very closely with the design team and his special interest in the context of the works as well as indigenous culture. In many of his projects, Renzo has invited experts of cultural, historical researchers to discuss with his partners. Then he would make sketche ideas and continue to discuss the draft until he has the best idea. With Thang Long Theatre project, too, Renzo Piano Building Workshop with the local consultant is HighEnd Architecture had a working session with Hanoi to discuss issues about the idea, the meaning of work in the context of celebrating 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Renzo Piano has also associated with structural consultants Bollinger & Grohmann, energy consultant ARUP and consultants on sound system to design this project. The energy-saving elements and close to nature are especially important.

Renzo Piano on Wikipedia.
Photos credit by Highend Architecture

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