» » Vietnam - Italy signed a cooperation agreement in the field of architecture

VNRE - On 11/10, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Association of Architects signed a memorandum with the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape Researchers, Conservations of Genoa city (Italy).

The ceremony has participated of the architect Nguyen Tan Van - Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects, Mr. Andrea Perugini - Ambassador of Italy in Vietnam, the architect Giorgio Paroni - President of Association of Architects Genoa City, Embassy counselor of Italy in Vietnam, representative of the Hanoi Association of Architect.

At the signing ceremony, both parties agreed in the coming period will start cooperation in some specific projects, open the training courses, retraining and raising skills of Vietnamese architects. The cooperation between the Vietnam Association of Architects and the Association of Architects, planners, landscape researchers, the Conservation of Genova city will creat good conditions for the exchange between Italy and Vietnam architects, and allows identification of projects for the conservation of the Hanoi Old Quarter.

Genoa city has many similarities with Hanoi, where has many thousands of years old architectural heritage. According to the architect Giorgio Parodi - "Genoa is one of the typical cities in Europe attachs special inportance to restore, preserve the old quarter. Optimizing network traffic is particularly important factor, helping the people of this city have better living conditions. Genoa has been recognized as the cultural capital of Europe and the UNESCO entered to the world heritage list."

Genoa is also hometown of the architect Renzo Piano - who has been chosen to design the Thang Long Theatre.

Reportedly, Italy accounted for 10% of the architects of the world, 30% of the architects of Europe.

Source: CPV News

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