» » CIC8 builds a cluster of multifunctional condominiums in Can Tho

VNRE - Yesterday 28/11, No.8 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company officially started construction "cluster of multifunctional condominiums"at Hung Phu new urban area - Can Tho City.

The project has total investment of 2,373 billion VND, including 16 high-rise blocks built on the land with a total area of 72.512m2.

Expected to the end of 2014, CIC8 will finish construction of 16 buildings and provide to Can Tho market total of about 4,000 apartments, commercial, office...

Mr.Huynh Huu Phuoc - Chairman, CEO of CIC8 commitment: "CIC8 will spend 15% of apartment for priority subjects, such as: officer; teachers; other policy objects who don't have house..."

Reported by Van Duc | CAND

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