» » » Hanoi’s $7 billion Red River planning enters phase 2

VNRE - The Hanoi People’s Committee in coordination with South Korean experts have begun the second phase of a USD7-billion Basic Planning for the Red River Area Development.

The Hanoi People’s Committee announced that the second phase of planning was underway November 3, adding that the basic planning will be integrated into the Hanoi Master Plan from now to 2030 with a vision until 2050.

Therefore, when the Hanoi Master Plan is approved by the central government, the Basic Planning for Red River Area Development will follow the suit. Then, the latter will be revised in line with zoning plans laid out by the Law on Urban Planning.

The committee said the two sides are trying to collect opinions and proposals for the second phase and completing the planning of the first. Once the basic planning is completed, it will be submitted to the Government and the National Assembly for approval.

Under the basic planning, the first phase is designed to build up a city by the Red River which will house international financial high-rise buildings and riverside parks.

The basic planning will cover 4,200 hectares of land and water surface, stretching 40 km along the Red River running through Hanoi. Up to 39,000 households are expected to have to relocate to serve the plan’s implementation.

The planning is divided into four zones with the first stretching from Chem (the final point of the plan) to Thang Long Bridge; the second from Thang Long Bridge to Chuong Duong Bridge; the third from Chuong Duong Bridge to Thanh Tri Bridge and the fourth from Thanh Tri Bridge to Bat Trang Commune (the starting point of the plan).

Reported by Quang Phong/ Monre

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