» » » Thu Thiem Sky - Eco-home beside the Saigon River

VNRE - Despite of the investor’s intention to invest and develop middle income housing only, ARDOR Architects has created an exceptionally beautiful building by fine architectural design solutions, and using suitable building form within an outstanding master plan.

Thu Thiem Sky consists of two blocks, rotated and formed a curve adapting the Saigon river’s shape. The two blocks are also connected by sky garden bridges for community activities. Parking solution is proposed by utilizing the ground floor and mezzanine floor instead of constructing a basement which is more costly and time consuming, especially for weak soil conditions nearby rivers.

As it is a results of creativeness and dedicated work attitude, ARDOR believes that Thu Thiem Sky shall not only by an ideal and peaceful home for the residents but also contribute to the success and growth of Thu Thiem Investment Corporation and its brand name.

Location: Thao Dien Ward, Dist 2, HCMC
Build area: 4.075,5m2
Total floor area: 20.846,7m2
Number of apartments: 171 units
Building density: 34%
Coefficient of land use: 4.4

Investor: Thu Thiem Investment Corporation
Architectural design: ARDOR Architects

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