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VNRE - Cantavil Premier complex is built on city's gateway street - Hanoi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2 with scale of 2 towers 36 floors and two basements. Project's land area of 11,170.3 m2 were planned completely. The buildings' architectural was designed with modern and aesthetic style, combine harmoniously between the fresh living space and all conveniences: highclass apartment, rental offices are located on the upper floor, lower floors are the international trade center, entertainment area, cinema and other services ...

Commercial Center

Commercial Center is located from 1st to 6th floor of Cantavil Premier 36 - storey complex building with total area about 30.000 m² , is the first international center for shopping, food court, entertainment at the East of Hochiminh City. Cantavil Premier is truly a shopping paradise for brand name lovers, you will find and explore hundreds of world-class international brands in fashion, comestics, jewelry… and thousands of luxury and unique products.

Cantavil Premier is the best place for all gourments and the place of gathering all regional traditional dishes in the country and the finest tastes with the most charateristic cuisine styles of various contries in the world at food court area and the luxury restaurants or enjoys the comfortable moments at the corner of romatic cafeteria with family and friends

Let’s stimulate your senses at the Cineplex at the 7th floor of the complex Cantavil Premier designed with a modern style with extremely impressive multi-dimension sound system and modern film projector system, bringing you the most wonderful experiences.


Located at 8th and 9th floor of the complex 36-storey Cantavil Premier in District 2, on the Hanoi Highway and East – West Avenue, the arterial roads of Hochiminh City. Cantavil Premier Office is the optimal choice of all enterprises.

With the modern design style making the most of natural light combined with opening space and luxury interiors, Cantavil Premier Office does not only provide an ideal working environment but also be the pride of enterprise, corporations stand the office here.

Cantavil Premier Office asserts your strength and your level.


Cantavil Premier Apartments located from 11th to 36th, including 200 units with the youthful and gentle style of modern architecture harmoniously combined with the noble style of classical architecture to create a luxurious and elegant in each design lines.

Not only own sophisticated space with luxurious interiors inside the apartment but also the most beautiful sight of Hochiminh city, Cantavil Premier Apartments where you can admire the sparkling colorful lights of the city with the majestic and splendor beauty of Phu My Bridge at night or rise up to greet the sparkle glow of dawn slightly shining down the meandering poetic Saigon River.

Moreover, Cantavil Premier seems to be reduced any distance, just a few steps you can shopping at luxury commercial center, experience the newest film in modern Cineplex, take care your health at the professional gym and fitness club or relax at the high-class swimming pool…with your family and your friends.

Floor plan

- 1st – 5th Floor: Parkson Commercial Center
- 6th Floor: Food & Beverage Services, Entertainment & Recreation Center
- 7th Floor : Modern Cineplex
- 8th – 10th Floor: Offices & Shops for lease, Fitness Center & Spa, Swimming Pool
- 11th – 36th Floor : Apartments, Duplex and Penthouse

Types of apartments

- Type A: 176.53m2 (4 bedrooms)
- Type B: 125.15m2 (3 bedrooms)
- Type C: 111.03m2 (3 bedrooms)
- Duplex Penthouse: 199.76 m2; 227.55 m2; 321.96 m2; 461.15 m2.

Each floor has only four apartments are designed right angle with natural light flooding in each apartment, and each building consists of three elevators serve the residents with a separate entrance unrelated with the commercial center area. Each tower consists of four Duplex Penthouse connecting floors 35th & 36th.

Cantavil Premier Apartments is not only a level.

Project Progress

Expected more than 300 bored piles with a depth 62m of Cantavil Premier 36 storeys and the model house to be completed in Quarter 1 in 2011

For further information, please contact:

Daewon – Thuduc Housing Development Housing JSC
Add: No.1, Hamlet 3, An Phu new urban area, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3740 4014 - Fax: 84.8.3740 4018
Email: cantavil@daewonthuduc.com

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