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VNRE - The project is located in Nha Trang City, scale of 15 hectares, including 141 lots (103 lots villa and 38 lots row-house) with an investment capital of 202 billion VND.

The project by Trung Tin Consultant and Investment company as an investor and Dat Xanh Hoa Cau Investment Corporation as exclusive distributor. Giang Huong Eco-villa has a beautiful location, only about 6 km from the coast, lies on the Phong Chau road is in the perfect stage, about 3km from Nha Trang - Da Lat highway.

The project's villas are spread along the hillside, surrounded by two mountain ranges with natural woods to create layered architecture. With this architectural style, residents can see the whole of Nha Trang and surrounding natural greenery. In addition, the project also have full facilities (kindergartens, shopping centers, sport clubs, children's playground ...) between nature.

The project was started construction from the first quarter. Expected to be completed in the quarter IV/2011. Currently, Giang Huong opens sale of the first phase with 60 plots villa.

For further information, please contact:

Dat Xanh Hoan Cau Investment Corporation
Add: 114 Nguyen Cuu Van, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCM City
Tel: 84.8.3511 4114 - 3963 8888 - 3724 5308

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