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VNRE - Be a part of Cat Ba Amatina – world class to integrated marina - casino - theme park resort, Bazaar Avenue villa village is located in a favorable position and should be considered as the center area of the whole project.

This villa village is planned to complete technical infrastructure in the third quarter of 2010. Owning a villa in the Bazaar Avenue village is really a peerless investment chance for investors.

With a total area of 7,205m2 divided into 22 three-storey-villas , Owners can themselves choose interior architecture and design style according to their own commercial purposes such as restaurant, mini-hotel, beauty salon, health care service, bar, café, tourism office business… For exterior design, they must follow approved architecture of the project.

Floor area for each storey in a villa is designed to ensure a maximal width and stable structure to easily put dividing partitions in accordance with the commercial purpose.

In addition, Cat Ba Amatina project not only attracts more and more tourists but also is a living and trading place of about 7000 people. Bazaar Avenue villa village will provide multi-services for residents and tourists. Therefore, Bazaar Avenue villa Village – villas with living and commercial purpose is really an appropriate form to invest and develop.

Today, the demand for traveling has constantly been improving, including needs of shopping and enjoying various kinds of tourism services. Bazaar Avenue villa village – one of sub-projects of Cat Ba Amatina with high-class services, will undoubtedly meet “booming” tourist plans and remind tourists of returning to satisfy their demand of shopping and enjoying services here.

In case, Owners just need villas in Commercial avenue area for their vacation and relaxation demand, Vinaconex – ITC easily meets their needs. Owning a villa in the Bazaar Avenue villa village, owners and their family will dispose immediately high-class services, at once possess really private space and enjoy the pleasure of highest value of the resort with billions of dollars estimated investment capital.

Opportunities will succeed opportunities while the value of the villa village will have been confirmed. Besides the desire and will to show their class, individuals have another strong motivation - it is efficient support from banks - partners of Vinaconex – ITC – the reputable owner of Cat Ba Amatina project.

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