» » SOM Unveils Green Master Plan for FPT City in Danang, Vietnam

VNRE - SOM just unveiled a new master plan for a green city in Vietnam that comes hot on the heels of their Green Tech City. Situated on the edge of Danang, FPT City will be a 180-hector town for the communication company FPT’s employees and families. Composed of a downtown area, a university, and residential zones, the full service community will be walkable and sensitive to the flood-prone area thanks to the incorporation of green belts that connect the core to the out-reaching neighborhoods.

The master-planned town is designed to hold 30,000 residents, and SOM will pay particular attention to multiple densities and mixed-use to encourage a diverse community. The green spaces connect the community to nature while creating a walkable environment throughout the development. The green strips also absorb storm water from the adjacent hardscapes and filter it before it enters the harbor.

Water is a central theme, as the commercial district will straddle the waterfront, providing an attractive and lively cultural center. A business center will be the economic heart of the project, and the FPT University and research center will develop and foster talent for the company. Neighborhoods will offer a mix of medium and low-density housing, all within a 3 min walk to a green space. Residents will also be encouraged to use non-vehicle transportation with shaded streets. SOM has vaguely described the project’s sustainable goals by stating that “the plan also incorporates a wide network of smart infrastructure.” — so we will have to wait and see what they come up with.

Source: Inhabitat

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