» » » SCIC earmarks VND 2,500 billion for infrastructure

VNRE - State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) has earmarked VND 2,500 billion for infrastructural projects in the future, according to Deputy General-Director of the Corporation, Le Song Lai.

The infrastructural areas that SCIC focuses its investment on includes energy, urban areas, schools and hospitals.

Under researches of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the rate of investment of a country in infrastructure should represent 3-5 per cent of the GDP.

However, Vietnam’s total investment in infrastructure during the past years often makes up 10 per cent of its yearly GDP, much higher than the suggested rate and regional countries.

Especially, a large majority of the investment in infrastructure comes from the State Budget and loans from international organisations, while little private capital is poured in such projects.

Source: By Thu Nguyen | QDND

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