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VNRE - Located in the series of The Bayview project, The Bayview Towers - Nha Trang brings the style of The Bayview to Nha Trang City. From apartments of The Bayview Towers - Nha Trang, the sea appears as a soft, deep blue silk on the white and smooth sandy beaches. Here, each apartment as a premium spa helps you to relax in comfort after a busy chaos of everyday life; and only here, you can leisurely swinging on the hammock, listening the waves, the wind blowing into the coconut leaves as a ocean symphony.

Life at The Bayview Towers - Nha Trang is a comfortable life in high-end resort where you can play golf, enjoy on the boat, swim or explore the ocean... At The Bayview Towers - Nha Trang, life is unexpectedly pleasant experience.

The Bayview Towers - Nha Trang project has 384 apartments (1-3 bedrooms) with an area of from 55 to 120 m2, modern design and elegant. The harmony between tradition and modernity will give residents a fully facilities according 5 star hotel standards between a peaceful space of a luxury resort.

For further information, please contact:

Minh Viet Investment Corporation
Main Office: Km 10th, Thang Long Highway, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84.4.3365 6986 - Fax: 84.4.3365 6998
Email: info@mvi.com.vn – Website: www.mvi.com.vn
Hotline: 84.1900 59 99 22

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