» » » » Pavilion of dream terraces by H&P architects

VNRE - Vietnam is one of the wet rice civilization’s cradles – the civilization that based on the cultivation on the terraces field to take shape.

The wet rice civilization played the role of forming the community’s settlement and settled agriculture and immaterial culture achievement, which is the neighborhood culture.

The conceptualization for the Vietnam pavillion for Milano's 2015 expo by H&P architects mixes settled agriculture to create a sustainably functioning space. the building is conceived from steel structural frames (which have a numerous of modules – the longest being 7.5m) that are connected by simple joins or overlapping. the framing system is covered by salvaged wood to reduce the cost. The design has multiple functions: force resistance, planter, space for exhibits/furnishings, technical use – water, electricity supply and escape. the field covering the building helps condition the micro-climate, providing food for both interior and exterior.

Image courtesy H&P architects
Source: Design Boom

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