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International Tinh Thanh is one of the largest developments explored and invested in Hai Phong by Chinese Khai De Group.

It is near Cuu Vien mountain in the South, adjacent to Le Duan street in the North, 1km from Kien An center in the South-West and 5km from the city in the North.


With the total area of 43,000 m2 and ground area and between 2 large sized villa developments, International Tinh Thanh is really internationalized and modernized urban area by created by 17 high buildings.

Urban facilities

The entrance to the apartment’s square divided the apartment into 2 directions: East and West. About 100m from main road is entertainment square of 20,000 sq.m including water Tower, 4000 sq.m trading area, 2000 sq.m entertainment area, large parking area and green tree area, which serves living standard.

Moreover, there are many other facilites like tennis court, swimming pool, children park, walking way, flower garden, sport area.

International Tinh Than comprises 17 high buildings, whose ground floors are for retail areas including separate shops. With ancient Europen architecture, all the roofs were covered by dark ash grey tiles and outside walls were painted with light coffee colour, which reflex a modern architectural style. Each 2 apartments were equipped with 2 lifts. It is likely that all apartments are ventilated and full of lights. The building has professional services like 24 hour security, sanitation, thief alarm, electronic patrol system which assure inhabitants here safe life.

The project is predicted to last 3 years. After completion, International Tinh Thanh will rank the 1st among the complete multi-functional urban area in Hai Phong.

The total investment for development is 300 million USD.

For further information, please contact:

Khai De Group - Chinese
Add: Cuu Vien Urban Area - Kien An District - Hai Phong City
Tl: 84.313.676 876 - Fax: 84.313.676 915.

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