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Trying to store all our belongings in our homes becomes a problem as time goes on. Furniture design plays a key role in organizing the order of each item. Clothing for different seasons, books, travel souvenirs, gifts..they all need a place of their own.


In small spaces, built-in closets are a great option. They have the same capacity as any other closet, but because they are housed between walls, they take up a lot less visual space in the decoration. Moreover, in comparison to a stand alone closet, the built-in closets are custom made, so that the loss of inches on the sides or on top are completely avoidable.


Whether its the master bedroom or a child’s room, the space left under the bed is perfect for storing large objects that we do not use on a regular basis. In several stores you can find lift or store beds in which you could place the mattress on top and have space underneath to place suitcases, blankets….In a bedroom with a child’s decoration, drawers can be used, but there are also several designs that allow us to store a bicycle, old junk, you don’t know where to place, which usually takes up space in the entryway or the hallways, obstructing the space.

The same applies to sofas, besides turning into beds if we so desire, the models that have a chaise longe module, not only have an attractive aesthetics and are comfortable but can also turn in to storage.
Versatile furniture

When space is limited, it is common to have to temporally move the furniture to open a sofa- bed or to reach a closet. Furniture with wheels allow us fast, comfortable mobility with little effort.
Suspended ceilings

The entry way or hallways are spaces that allow a reduced height. We can create a wood suspended ceiling. Placing a sliding door that gives access to the interior, this will be the perfect hideout for our “secrets”.

Auxiliary furniture

The center table or the foot of the bed can be replaced by trunks or chests. In the event that we also use them as seats, we just have to place a comfortable cushion to make them more comfortable.
There is a new air in furniture design, we are traveling towards versatility, functionality, comfort…Today, furniture comes to our homes to make our lives easier, without forgetting that the aesthetics will also make us feel better.

Sensitive to the problems caused by lack of space, here at madeindeco we offer you some tricks to gain space or at least make it seem that way.


Our greatest allies to gaining space, giving life and movement to walls creating a sense of visual breadth. Placing them opposite light will make the light multiply by two. Placed in closet doors, it will release the visual space, usually constrained by size of the closet, and having a mirror close by the dressing area is a very practical and useful resource.


In small spaces illumination is essential. At the time of designing the interior layout of spaces we should always keep in mind the position of the sun, and destine the most sunny areas, to the area of the day. As far as artificial light is concerned, faced with the lack of space, we should stay away from the placement of foot of hanging lamps, with wall appliqués, the ceiling panels or indirect light in any version, we will achieve better ample options and space.


On occasion, the doors are the main causes of lost space within our home, since we must leave the surrounding are free for its movement. In these cases, sliding doors are the best solution to gaining space, we could even opt for crystal doors, which on one side are a mirror impeding visualization of what is going on in the interior of the bedroom, therefore, allowing the passage of light so important to these spaces, but maintaining the level of privacy that a bedroom requires.

From the colors of the walls will depend to a large extend the feeling of space and light. In those walls on which the light particularly shines, it is recommended to use light colors, therefore increasing if at all possible the illuminating sensation. If the front of a room or a hallway is specially narrow, we could use the attractive resource of stripes. Placed in a horizontal manner, covering the narrow walls of the space, we get the desired effect.


The abundance of the fabric covering the windows give a sensation that the walls are coming towards us , and that behind those curtains, we are hiding an area between 15 and 20 centimeters until we reach the window. Japanese panels or blinds are the best aesthetic resource, that will make our windows perfectly decorated without losing centimeters.

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