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The interior is scarce, the terrace overlooking the sea, it has few closets, tiny kitchen, two small bedrooms and your friends are delighted you invite them over.

It is the small vacation apartment, in which we will be immensely happy because being there signifies the freedom from the alarm clock, changing the umbrella for sunglasses and putting aside your diet.

The first rule to follow when we have to decorate a summer apartment, is that everything must be small, fold away, and should be hidden, as to not overwhelm the small space.

Surely the bedrooms are small, and you should furnish them keeping in mind that you must include closets and beds for the inhabitants and their friends. In this case, the solution to include additional beds without overwhelming the space is the placement of bunk beds. These can also be folding, which will clear the room once they are put away, allowing for more space for other activities.

Surely you will also not have much space in the living room or on the terrace to place a large dining room table, but the typical summer paellas tend to bring together friends and strangers around it. Book, fold-away and expendable tables will enable us to bring together all our friends, and in turn, we could put them away in a corner to clear the environment when not in use.
The kitchen is usually an annex to the living room, united or separated by a serving bar or mixed counter top.We will not have much space, but as we already know guests will appear out of thin air, so appliances must be the same as in a home of daily use. For this reason, there are many appliances in the market that are small in size, which will enable us to take a small sample of all of them, facilitating the work in the kitchen.

The living room can become a makeshift guest room if we have the foresight to place a sofa bed in it. Far from the torture of sleeping in a sofa many years ago, today there are certain models that can be used as a daily bed. In which the kind of mattress is up to the consumer, and their opening is done effortlessly.

The bathroom is usually not very big, however, there are many tasks performed there. One way to get more space for each one, is to eliminate the shower plate, in exchange for a working shower. This way the bathroom floor will be a huge shower when we are using it, but at other times, it will form part of the floor, allowing us better mobility of the space.

Fortunately, the summer apartments, count with the added space of the terrace, an extension of the interior, which sometimes can function as a second living room, or as an dditional dining room where almost all the good times of summer are spent. Must be why we don’t complain about the tight sleeping arrangements.

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