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VNRE - Is the ONLY event of its kind: This is the first biggest international conference to introduce Vietnam's tourism potentials and the hottest opportunities in hospitality, entertainment and leisure to investors. Vietnam TPO 2008 is the chance to hear candid insights from major market specialists and investors with extensive experience with the industry in Vietnam. With an unique and unparalleled line up of speakers, the conference will help investors examine all the latest trends in the Vietnamese tourism property market and understand the best investing approach and procedure in the country. The conference will include various tourism property investment opportunities available to investors that promise to yield high ROI.

The conference proceedings will be updated to more than 10,000 international investors, financial institutes, fund managers, property management, corporations, developers, consultancy firms, and brokers, etc... We expect 500 selective investors will be invited to the Conference in addition to local tourism project & property owners, developers, central and provincial government leaders and key persons from business organizations, associations and embassies.

For the Vietnamese property and project owners and developers - Vietnam TPO is the most effective opportunity for you to present yourself and your projects to the most important audience - 500 investors, foreign investment funds and multinational corporations in the industry, who want to enter the Vietnam market. And moreover, your projects material will reach more than 10,000 potential investors worldwide. Now you can reach them while they are actively prospecting.

For the provincial governments - Vietnam TPO 2008 provides an unique opportunity for you to seek resources from 500 selective global investors and 10,000 over potential worldwide partners to develop and implement prioritized tourism projects in your province. You would also welcome the opportunity to sit down with the industry expert to learn lessons to take full advantage of foreign direct investment.

For investors - Vietnam TPO 2008's program offers unique insights into new opportunities, how to tap into them and adapt to the changing legal landscape. We all know about Vietnam's potential - now you can learn more about exploiting that potential in two days than you would normally do in sive range of investing prospect in more than 30 exhibiting companies expected to showcase their most promising projects in Vietnam. Workshop are designed to address the hottest topics affecting your investment decisions to day. A fantastic opportunity to get answers to your question and hear practical advice from the experts. Consider insider tips and taptips from those who have already invested in and who are managing the industry your advantage!

For consulting and management firms - there are excellent opportunities in Vietnam for architectural, legal, consulting and management firms, who are specialized in tourism infrastructure development, considering the tremendous influx of foreign funds into Vietnam. Vietnam TPO 2008, a major push for the development of Vietnam's tourism properties, presents a chance for you to set up direct contact with project owners, investors and developers in Vietnam and abroad.

For sponsors - this is a very special opportunity for you to position your strong name, reputation and strength in this unique event to your potential partners and clients who are leaders of biggest corporations in the industry, local developers and government leaders.

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