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Ho Tram Osaka resort - a nice beach resort in Vietnam. Come to Ho Tram - Osaka Resort for full life enjoyment!

From a virgin land and a deserted area, with a professional design and under the great care of a team of artists and skillful workers, a wonderful architectural work was achieved.

Located on the very romantic coastal road of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, the Resort of 50,000 m2 is surrounded with windy pine forests over looking the sea. The subtle combination of an elegant architecture and the devotion in the service, the quiet environment and the charming view, it all makes Ho Tram Osaka an ideal remote asylum in the tropical area, where people would be relaxing in the white sand beach, listening to the plash of waves and soon letting behind every sorrow and worry.

The Ho Tram - Osaka resort comprised of 18 bungalows and villas with 63 rooms completely furnished, of which 30 rooms have seaview, and 33 rooms have gardenview, each room has it own private terrace with particular romantic view.

Contact at:
Add: Phuoc Thuan Village, XuyenMoc Dist., BaRia-VungTau Province.
Tel: 84.64.378 1525 - Fax: 84.64.378 1433.
Email: info@hotramresort.com

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