» »Unlabelled » Towers of Peace

Location: Hanoi
Services: office, retail, entertainment, conference, hotel, residential, schools, puplic lake, gardens & bio-corrido
Scale: 800,000 m2
Investor: J & T Real Estate (CZ)
Architect: CMC Architects (CZ)
Year: 2008

"Water is the existential element critical to all forms of life. It is at once spiritual and physical, and through centuries, has symbolized peace, success and affluence."

"Hanoi is a CITY WITHIN WATER, and, therefore, the consummate symbol of a successful city within water is a tower in water, or an urban cluster of towers as a fractal system derived from water."

"UNESCO has designated Hanoi as CITY OF PEACE, which is clearly an honor on the world and cultural level. Peace inspires harmony, understanding and confidence - within a community, a city, a nation, a continent or the world. Peace also inspires the invention, design and realization of iconic architecture. It is certainly in peace that great cities of the world have evolved most, blossoming masterpieces of intelligent minds, symbolizing the success of cultures."

"We believe Hanoi is an intelligent and growing city, with its priorities focused on its culture, its people and its environment. The Tower of Peace project would symbolize the future of a sprawling urban tapestry evolving vertically, within a controlled master plan of future city growth."


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