» » Lawmakers discuss property use and requisition

Vietnamese lawmakers continued their session Monday with debates on the bills on state property management and use, property purchase and requisition, and the revised law on the promulgation of legal documents.

A majority of lawmakers agreed on the need to promulgate the law on state property management and use, saying it will help prevent corruption, and combat wasteful spending and improper use of public assets.

Legislators in the National Assembly called for heavy penalties to deter the misuse of public assets.

They also asked for more specific legislation specifying authorized agencies’ responsibility regarding the use and management of state property.

In regard to the property purchase and requisition law, the legislators agreed it would contribute to mobilizing property resources for the State when required.

Lawmakers expressed the view that regulations and laws on property purchase and requisition needed to be formulated to minimize the abuse of power by property requisition state officials, to ensure the interests of property holders asked to surrender their land.

Discussing the revised law on the promulgation of legal documents, they focused on the establishment of a law and decree-making program and greater transparency compiling, stipulating and promulgating legal documents.

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