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Architecture Statement

Encompassing a rich program of residential, recreation, park, retail and office towers, Thao Dien is a 21st century civic center. The project will provide a city scale anchor for entertainment, international business and high end residential.

The site is strategically situated along the main highway connecting the east and west side of Ho Chi Minh City and the project includes a public facade along the highway with state of the art office towers, retail & entertainment facilities. Two sculptural office towers facing each other create a large scale city gate with a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. A green park separates the commercial and public from the residential & private area and also acts as a sound buffer.

Tying and uniting the towers & the commercial area is a city block long steel canopy which provides shade, public spaces and a strong architectural presence relating to the adjacent highway. The individual architectural solution for each function will ensure a rich architectural composition and a dynamic living and working environment.


The Real Good Life at Its Best

With internationally recognized architect Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan) combined with the leading experts such as Turner International (USA), our projects reflect the highest international quality standards and innovations.

Metropolis-Thao Dien is a world-class complex located at a short drive from downtown Saigon offering high quality residential apartments, landmark commercial offices, state-of-the-art retails shopping, cosmopolitan restaurants, plus a modern cinema complex and the latest technology entertainment centre - all in one central location.

* Total area: 8 hectares.
* Total built space: 600,000 m2.
* Estimated construction cost: US$ 350 million.
* Expected completion: 2015


A World - Class Complex - All in one location

* State-of-art Shopping Mall
* Landmark Offices Towers
* High-quality Residential Apartments
* Cosmopolitan Restaurants
* Modern Cinema Complex
* Latest Technology Entertainment Centre
* Exceptional Promenade Plaza
* Unique Green Park Landscape.

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