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Grand Opening Ceremony: June 27th, 2009.

With 7,500 sq.m, Saigon Paragon is located in an International Trading and Financial Center at Nam Saigon. This is a 4,000 sq.m comfort entertainment, 9000sq.m office for lease and 3,000 sq.m for holding comference. In detail, the property comprise 10 floors in which 1-4 floor is fashion & beauty, digital lifestyle, art & life; 5-floor is entertainment space, 6-9 floor is space for every significant project and 10-floor is for the art of dining. This also the first luxury shopping malls at Nam Saigon and will be opened on first quarter of 2008.


Saigon Paragon is located in the new urban center, Saigon South, which is considered to be the most rapidly developing location in Vietnam. Saigon Paragon, for which transportation system will become full operational with one year, is becoming a new cultural and economic center in HCMC. It is very easy to reach to Saigon Paragon from the city center. It takes only 10 minutes to travel from Ben Thanh Market across Kenh Te Bridge to Saigon South. From District 5, one need only cross the Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge. Finally, the Phu My Bridge, connecting district 2 to district 7, will provide a final gateway to the paragon. It will begin construction at the end of year.

Saigon Paragon provides its own unique fresh atmosphere and sense of tranquility without making one feel out of place or stuffy. Saigon Paragon always retains its ebullience and sense of development.


An architectural project created by the well-known Japanese architectural firm, Katsuki Design, the Paragon is a new masterpiece. Embracing the simple and clean elegance of the time-honored, Paragon is an oasis of green trees and fresh air breezeway. This tropical oasis provides a calming and perfectly balanced environment for both business and pleasure.

Paragon is a magnificent, composite structure created by the intelligent combination of boldness, invention, labor and investment. This analogy, however, is sorely lacking because it does not consider the value and exquisite beauty of the land on which it has been showcased.

Architecture of Saigon Paragon is classically designed to bring together all of the most well-known trademarks of fashion, cosmetic, health care, and business. The dynamic economic group of Vietnam will find it the ideal location for their continued development and expansion.

Phu My Hung, a glimpse of the bright future of Saigon South to come, has now added an attractive economic and trading paradise with the presence of Paragon Saigon.


Inspect the inner workings of the modern art world where it meets the stamp and seal of the antique European Palace. The latest technological conveniences come together with an elegant and traditional style that can satisfy even the most discriminating taste. Success is assured in this perfect Paragon of both function and design. And it is certain that with a firm base of business, your dreams and aspirations will be more readily realized.

Paragon Corporation
Unit 701, 7th Floor, Saigon Paragon Building
3 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, Dist. 7, HCMC
Tel: 84-8-54135 165 - Fax: 84-8-54135 166
Email: sales@saigonparagon.com

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