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Location: No 2A So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City. + Gross Project Area: 22.436,3 m2 + Construction area: 4.443,8 m2 + Public area: 17.992,5 m2 + Height of Buildings: 69.57 m + Building Coverage Area : 65.622,74 m2 + Building Plan: Three 20-storey buildings and one 9-storey multi-purpose building. + Number of apartments: 432 luxurious units. + Living Facilities: Swimming Pool, English Kindergarten, Restaurant, Café, Fitness Center, Golf Training Center, Rental Offices. + Parking Lot: More than 200 cars. + Construction period: 24 to 27 months.


- On September 2nd 2006, Model House starts to build. - On Feb 2nd 2007, Model House is open for viewing from 7.30 to 17.00 daily. - On Apr 10th 2007: Breaking Ceremony is held with VIP guests and visitors. - On May 13th – June 23th 2007: Bored-pile test is carried out. - On June 24th – now: Background construction is being executed. - In the third quarter, 2009, Project is going to be completed.



Cozyvill is the successful achievement of non-stop creation from leading Korean experts. In here, the harmonious features of modernity and tradition in one structure will surely bring fresh and brand-new sense of perfect life to residents. Besides the favorite Korean style, Cozyvill is beautified with features simple but really attractive for relaxation, they are vendure park where you can go for walk in peaceful moments under cool shadows of trees, Children’s Park where whole family can play together and share precious seconds of lifetime or luxury Café where you can sip a hot cup of coffee looking people up and down on the streets,... All is created for your perfect life.


Cozyvill is located in the west gate of Flamboyant City. Besides the convenience that bus and taxi systems bring, you can enjoy the moments going by cars and motorbikes on large roads to crowded Central City, Haiphong Port busy with ships full of goods, or the biggest Industrial Zone of Haiphong – producing a large quantity of products for not only City but also Country. Moreover, Cozyvill is the place where you can travel to biggest entertainment zones in North of Vietnam such as International Exhibition Center, Biosphere Reservation Zone of CatBa, beautiful beaches of Do Son, Cat Co, International Resorts like Tuan Chau, Halong Bay in Quang Ninh, Star Golf Court in Chi Linh – Hai Duong, etc.

In addtion, in the newest source from Government, high-speed national routes from Haiphong to Hanoi Capital is going to be constructed in the few years’ time so that it will takes you only 1 hour instead of more than 2 hours now. In short, without location in Central City, Cozyvill still feels the breath of great changes of the City, especially Central City but does not suffer from disadvantage of crowded and noisy states. There is no traffic jam, no smoke and exhaust from vehicles and no noise of whistles. There is only peaceful moments remained when sharing in nature, together with family or romance time of viewing busy city from balconies...


Cozyvill is the harmony of Cozy - the warmness, friendliness and Village - the consolidation, share in traditional villages. That’s what Cozyvill advance to.

General Facilities

In Cozyvill, you will not only set your mind free in luxurious apartments but also have exhausted time of sports such as swimming, golf, etc in fitness center or peaceful time of hot coffee in romantic cafe.

Especially, English kindergarten and playground here brings fun for your lovely kids and verdure garden gives you joy to your family together.

Moreover, there is high-speed elevator system for your convenience of traveling in the Building and dynamo to provide for elevators 24/24 if power-cut.


+ Centre gas system project connected to each apartment with output meter, gas expense is charged according to used output without fear of gas-cut while cooking + Television Cable system, high-speed Internet, surrounding sound system, telephone system ready to connect. + Ventilation pipe system ready for installation + Large and separate laundry room suitable to Vietnamese climate. + Hot-Water System installed in each apartment shall provide for all demand of family members.


Security System for 24/7 with series of surveillance cameras around Cozyvill, in each Building, elevator, corridor... Put your faith of safety on us when far away on business trips or travels.

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