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VNRE - With the total area of 8ha and a strategic location isolated on a new planned area of District 2, Diamond Island Sky Resort has a unique location with the specific characteristics of the dynamic HCM City.

With the Thu Thiem new urban area in the West, a new city’s Administrative area in the East and Saigon river in the South, all form a connection for the 2 main development sections of the city Despite being an isolated residential island, Diamond Island is just a minute away to the city’s new administrative centre.

Hence it enjoys all the advantages of the new and modern urbanization of the infrastructure planning such as transportation, water and electricity, and other good living conditions from city’s recent development experiences.

In the future, with the strategic location and advantages, together with the diversified nature, and the BTA company ’s determination to build a high class urban area, Diamond Island will become one of the most high class residential area with the world standard, HCMC standard and Vietnam standard.

Location map

This unique address is an award for only a few fortunate people, offering utmost privacy, together with the calming riverside and relaxing lush landscaping, and provides excellent living conditions to enrich your life essence.

Accessible to all prime destinations

- 3 minutes to East-West Highway
- 5 minutes to Thu Thiem New Urban
- 5 minutes to the national highway N#1
- 7 minutes to District 1 and the city center
- 20 minutes to the new airport, Long Thanh

Diamond Island Sky Resort is not a just investment! It is the investment for your next generations!

Concept Development

The conceptual design was done by Arata Isozaki & Associates – a world famous architectural firm. They have created a completely new design style which utilizes the advantages that only the natural surroundings along the Saigon River can provide. The design creates a unique environmental model inclusive of modern residential requirements that showcase the highest standards in quality living with unique achievements in beautiful architectural design.
The architectural approach is based on the following concepts:


Creating a porous atmosphere in all scales of the project: and open façade for natural ventilation and taking advantage of the river breezes. By utilizing voids, living rooms with high ceilings, terraces and louvers the concept of porosity is achieved. Each residential cluster is made up of 6 towers which are pulled apart, creating open corridors and maximizing exterior views and privacy.

Elevated green mound

A two story high structure with sloped edges creates a green mound and at the same time hides all parking, mechanical works and infrastructure areas.

Part of an urban concept of an archipelago

The entire development is treated as an urban island within the context of a larger grouping of additional land masses.

Mountain shaped sky line

With the tallest towers at the south side, the towers’ height descends towards the north side on rhythmic modules creating the allusion of a mountain scape.

Sky villas

Sky villas are located at the top of the towers to have an all encompassing river view and private swimming pools.

Green belt

The perimeter of the island is lushly landscaped, preserving and enhancing the natural vegetation.

River access

A small yacht harbor is placed on the west side of the island to give residents an alternative commute option and the enjoyment of the Saigon River and it’s tributaries.

Interior Design

The minimalism style was chosen for interior design due to its philosophy of functionality and stylish feel, providing a spacious layout that enhances the utilities of the apartment dimension, yet reflects the owner’s image in decoration details.

All units will have at least two exposures to natural light and optimum ventilation to maximize comfort while minimizing electrical power consumption.

Common areas, such as the living and dining rooms, are located in central spaces with magnificent views over the river and the beautiful landscapes; enabling relaxation while increasing togetherness for family members.

Private rooms are designed in a natural way to develop a personal ambience, allowing indulgence in your very own oasis.

You also have various options on materials and colors for the finishes. You may select from the Europe’s highest brands or request for custom-made materials with support from the project architect, allowing you to design in your personal vision.

At Diamond Island Sky Resort, you can enjoy the ideal lifestyle and experience an exquisite feeling of selective difference.

Landscape design

The landscaping is based on a mix between natural vegetation and a modern design aesthetic which results in a perfect symbiosis between the past and future.

The design makes a clear reference to traditional items in the layout of the planting, road systems, light construction and designated ambience for activities.

Using the spiritual and visual concepts of traditional oriental gardens and fengshui arrangements, the landscape elements are set up in a complex order to maximize the physical and visual pleasure of the exotic garden spaces and offer a dramatic view over the panorama.

The gardens and other service areas are a focal point for exercise as well as relaxation for your family and children. The luxurious planted promenade of royal palms invites you for a walk and to relax in perfect harmony with the environment.

Only at Diamond Island Sky Resort can you offer your family the luxury living conditions that they deserve.


You are successful and want to enjoy your achievements in privacy without missing a community of people sharing the same lifestyle and values?

Diamond Island Sky Resort is built for the small number of affluent customers who expect always a little extra. The restricted access will create a community of Vietnamese elite to stay in total privacy, yet to enjoy the various social activities, and also increase the business opportunities.

Having a right to choose the neighbors will also differentiates the Diamond Island Sky Resort from other residential projects in Vietnam

Your children will be able to live in such prestigious community and also enjoy the networking with the country’s most premium class people right at their early stage for a future’s bright star development.

Diamond Island Sky Resort is your new desirous home, where seamless integration of enjoyment and total security ensures you and your family is in perfect serenity of a five-star resort. Everyday!

Facilities & amenities

At Diamond Island Sky Resort, there are the most desirable and selective facilities available.

Premium facilities for living and leisure are seamlessly at your disposal. Specially designated amenities for a luxury lifestyle are yours to enjoy - such as the unique Princess Marina Yacht Club, tennis courts, world class gym, five star beauty spa, retail shops and a community clinic.

A 24-hour hospitality desk with concierge service is at your disposal:

Chauffeur service
Secretarial service
Twenty four hour convenience store
Gourmet and in-house dining
Airline and ticket booking
International event updates and reservations
Babysitting service

Special dormitories for private butler, maid and driver.

For further information, please contact:

BTA Development Investments
Floor 14, Room 1404 - 1406, Sailing Tower,
111 A Pasteur Street, District 1, HCMC.
Tel: 84.8.3823 3099 - Fax: 84.8.3823 3095
Email: info@btadi.com

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