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Monetary markets, the private economic sector, real estate development, technology and infrastructure topped the agenda of an investment meeting organised by VinaCapital, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City.

The two-day event, running from Nov. 10-11, attracted over 100 foreign investors.

VinaCapital’s CEO Don Lam, a leading fund manager in Vietnam, pledged to make changes to the group’s operations based on participants’ suggestions in order to “bring the world to Vietnam ”.

Andy Xie, former CEO of Morgan Stanley in the Asian-Pacific region, advised Vietnam to further focus on exports, woo more foreign investment and draw upon its international experiences in maintaining property values in a reasonable way so as to prevent rampant real estate speculation.

Chi Pham, a VinaCapital economic expert, extolled the virtues of the Vietnamese Government’s policy in dealing with economic difficulties, pointing to the country’s third quarter GDP growth, which outstrips the growth recorded during the previous quarter, lower budget deficits and virtually-curbed inflation.

“The Vietnamese economy is certain to recover soon, probably during the fourth quarter of the year,” Pham said.

VinaCapital is operating four funds with a total value of more than 1.9 billion USD, namely the Vietnam Opportunity Fund, VinaLand, the Vietnam Infrastructure Limited and DFJ VinaCapital.

An additional property fund is currently in the pipeline, scheduled for early 2009, in the form of limited partners.

Source: VNA

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