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VNRE - The living standard in Vietnam have enhanced increasingly, leading to a more enriching lives in the society. With that comes the increasing demand for high-rise condominium residential that is packed with facilities, services, leisure and recreation. Imagine after a full day’s work, you are able to conveniently enjoy a meal with your family in the restaurants or cafes right beneath your condominium unit. You then leisurely stroll over next door for movies, bowling, karaoke. Recreation activities such as fitness training, swimming, tennis just a stone throw away. Imagine being able to assess all these without the hassle of traffic congestions or floods. We believe this daily lifestyle is becoming a definitive need for the Vietnamese community, and transformed that vision into Sunrise City: your complete and comprehensive city and lifestyle.

Strategic location

The hub connecting 4 major centers:

- Major gateway between district 1 city center (Ben Thanh market) and Saigon South
- Strategic link between Thu Thiem financial district center and District 5 residential area

All necessities and services within 5 minutes reach: Lotte Mart, RMIT International University, Saigon South International School, FV Hospital, Tam Đuc Heart Hospital ... assuring you of quality living.


South Towers
- 20.168 m2, consisting of 6 blocks.
- Retail Space of 10.000 m2
- The total basement floor area: 34.000 m2

Centre Towers
- 18.495 m2, consists of 4 blocks
- Retail Space of 25.000m2
- The total basement floor area: 20.000m2

North Tower - Cosmo lifestyle
- Plot ‘X’ is located in the northern site of the Sunrise City in the front side of Nguyen Huu Tho Road in Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
- Site area: 12,597m2
- Total GFA: approximately 88,179 m2
- Plot ratio for commercial: 1.5 (GFA: 18,895.5 m2)
- Plot ratio for residential: 5.5 (GFA: 69,283.5 m2)
- Setback: 10 m (all four sides – see attached drawing)
- Minimum distance between to buildings: 20m
- 4-level retail podium with maximum of 40% Plot coverage (5,038 m2)
- Ground Floor & Roof top podium facilities: Swimming Pool, Jogging Lane, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation, etc.
- Residential towers (21 to 26 stories) with maximum of 30% Plot coverage (69,283.5 m2)
- Maximum number of level: 30 floors
- Maximum allowable height: 135 m
- Population: 1,680 persons.
- Number of Units: minimum of 420 units (see preliminary unit mix)
- 3 – level basements
- Basement 1 is used for commercial (80%), and parking for commercial (20%)
- Basement 2 & 3 are for residential.
- Number of parking space for residential: to be determined (recommend 1 car parking and 2 motorbikes per unit)


Sunrise City welcomes you at the start of this journey - the enjoyment of not just a condominium, but a complete city.

... To be able to make Sunrise City a vision come true, Novaland spent a lot of energy and effort to bring quality and lifestyle that is on par with the world’s best. We look forward to the momentous time when Sunrise City is handed over to our beloved customers, and how they can start enjoying the convenient, high-quality services of a complete city. All our efforts are always aimed at a single goal to offer customers the best products with best service. That is the highest commitment to our customers.

- Shopping center & Entertaiment
- Clubhouse
- Children clubhouse
- Fitness Center; Spa & Massage Center
- Family Pool/ Kids pool/ Private Pool with Pool Bar...
- Pharmacy, Laundry, High Quality Bus, 24hour Security..

Project TVC

For further information, please contact:

Novaland - Sunrise Gallery Show
Add: Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Hochiminh City
Tel in VietNam: 84.8.3846 6666 - Fax: 84.8.3775 2999
Hotline: 84.93 609 7989

Tel in English: 44.20 3239 9091
Tel in USA: 714.793 8186
Tel in Australia: 61.02 8005 6725

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