» » » Ha Dong Highrise building complex

Two blocks of independent but carry the same language architecture located next to each other with the shareholders, modern, with volume for services and the attractive houses luxury.

Image from the architecture of 2 buildings of the combination block by two block of the foot sole and high-rise blocks with a total volume increased to 1 is 35 storeys with the main service and commercial houses, block 2 of 45 floors with the office services and housing.


Website functions will be public layout in the lower floors of buildings, the technical area is located at the interface between the 2 main functions, or between the apartments and the public services.

In addition to regular apartments with a variety of apartments with area from 75 m2 to 240m2 apartment is in the top 2 floors of the building layout 8 apartments with high quality private swimming pool, garden with wide viewing angle and from the high of the most beautiful buildings. This is the apartment block to meet the needs in the highest perfection in Hanoi. Changing the apartment by modun square network of apartment space with 3-dimensional decoration. Increased lighting, landscape front, the back for each apartment.

Works with 03 basement was held as to where the car (the size of 1 car / 1 households). The technical level in the appropriate position. Welcome main lobby overlooking the Tran Phu service from the service. The welcoming lobby of the apartment blocks and offices held in Van Quan main road location and traffic other additives. From the service and rooms are designed with surface adjacent to the main road in order to maximize accessibility to consumers.

Location: Ha Dong Bus - Van Mo Ward - Ha Dong City - Ha Noi
Investor: Song Da Construction and Urban development JSC
Scale investment: 02 blocks of 45 and 35 floors. Investment capital 1700 billion VND.

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