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Design Concept

The Crescent is a special residential, commercial, and office complex in the City Center area of Phu My Hung New City Center. The complex is composed of four seven-level low rise buildings and one six-level international standard shopping mall located near Nguyen Van Linh Parkway.

This unique identity is distinguished by a lake with a gently curving shoreline esplanade and a group of architecturally related buildings that form a crescent along the water’s edge. A green park will also be established on the other side of the bridge. The Starlight Bridge directly links the residential & commercial areas of the Garden Plaza, Panorama and Grand View and is lit with LED’s and an illuminated waterfall.

The landscape and sidewalk have different levels of greenery area and pedestrian walkways. Overhanging trees will provide a comfortable, shaded environment for pedestrians while rest or seating areas, feature lighting, and street furniture will be provided to create a beautiful, serene setting.

The Crescent buildings contain retail shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, offices, and serviced apartments. Nowhere else in Phu My Hung’s New City Center or Ho Chi Minh City will there be a comparable combination of uses and activities located in such a beautiful and memorable setting. The Crescent is intended to become the social heart of Phu My Hung’s New City Center and the first international standard multi-use complex in HCM City.

The Crescent map

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