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Hanoi Plaza Hotel is specification 5-star hotel, located in prominent positions in the Tran Duy Hung Southeast new urban, Far away from the National Conference Center about 200m.

Hanoi Plaza Hotel has a total investment of 120 million USD, 100% foreign capital by Charmvit Investment Group (South Korea). The hotel has 27 floors and 2 basemen, height above 100m with a total land area is 19.689m2, floor area of about 150,000m2.

Under the project, once completed, from floor 1 to level 4 of the hotel, with an area of 23,876 m2 will be used to service activities such as trade centers, supermarkets and Europe and Asia restaurant, clubs, healthcare center ...

In addition, the Hanoi Plaza Hotel, there is one meeting-room system can hold about 800 people, with the golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and other public service ... serve guests.

From 5 floors to 27 floors with area 101.104m2 will be developed into 2 towers. In which a building has an area of 47.600m2 be used as a hotel with 360 rooms (private floor 26th and floor 27th be used as a restaurant); remaining building has an area of 53.443m2 be used as offices for lease.

Hanoi Plaza Hotel will be completed in the last of 2010 and put into operation. Hanoi Plaza Hotel will provide between 50,000m2 to 60,000 m2 office space, commercial center with facilities and modern class A international standards and about 600 rooms (equivalent to 40m2) fully modern facilities 5-star standard hotel.

For further information of hotel, please contact:

Charmvit Corporation.
Daeha Trade Center, 360 - Kim Ma Str. - Ba Dinh District - Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.7712099 - Fax: 84.4.7712366.

Investment opportunities in trade center and office in Hanoi Plaza Hotel

Investment 'own' area of retail in Hanoi Plaza Shopping Mall

In the history of Vietnam, never to the personal investment has opportunity to own in the area of highclass trade center (5-star). Because this is the field of investment with big capital and the capital recovered quickly, previously this privilege only the big corporations. This now has changed, if you have 2 billion VND or more.

Opportunities have never been in Vietnam are in the Hanoi Plaza Trade Center!

- You can 'own' (long-term lease): A restaurant; A suppermarket; One in final 20 kiots class A (with different size) to business or rental.
- Special time rental: 50 years + +.
- You only pay from $ 5,500 upwards, depending on cost position.

Investment 'own' side floor office class A in Hanoi Plaza Hotel

From 18/05/2009, IDJ Financial offer new products: Purchase of A class office at 27 floors office tower Hanoi Plaza Hotel.

- Customers can rent long-term for 'ownership' of the area: 100m2, 280m2 even floors.
- Special ime rental: 50 years + +.
- Starting price is $ 3,500/m2 nt using area.
- Customers can use the area as office or rental.

Some advantages of the product is freely transferable as the other types of real estate property that may recovered capital quickly. BIDV Bank for loans up to 50% of value contract.

For detail, please contact:

IDJ Financial
Ha Noi branch
9th floor Sun Red River building - 23 Phan Chu Trinh Str. - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
Tel: 84.04. 3933.5086 - Fax: 84.04. 3933.5087
Email: contact@idjf.vn - Website: www.idjf.vn
Mr. Tran Thanh Tung - HP: 091 323 1192 - Email: tungtt@idjf.vn

Ho Chi Minh branch
236 Dien Bien Phu Str. - Ward 7 - District 3 - HCMC
Tel: 84.08.3932.5568 Fax: 84.08.3932.5679.

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