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Land prices are hot so appear trust market property (real estate) are recovering. However, the point is to caution that need more time to land in orbital.

Fever virtual or real?

According to real estate business, house and land prices in Hanoi, especially villas, duplex houses in some areas, hot project is increased by 15-20 percent. Guests are asked to buy a lot.

However, transaction volume is less successful, because the investors are sounding out and wait for the tax policy so they not sell massively. Psychology buy for speculate engross for 30 percent of total transactions.

Comments on the market these days, Mr. Le Chi Hieu, Chairman of Board cum General Director of Thuduc House - company has more than 18 years of operation in the field of investment and business real estate analysis:

"The home market for fairy people in Ho Chi Minh, prices have declined from 30 to 60 percent. In Hanoi it suffered from the impact of the project so reduce the level lower. Currently, the apartment price in the medium market and cmmoner market are not too common and are becoming attractive investment. Both investors South and North are the same as if they see benefits they will do. "

Also according to Mr. Hieu, some outside the project cost is being raised, there are many projects in transactions through the trading floor with the right real estate by investors if can attract people with real needs.

About why the house in CBD is not many transaction, not attractive mainly points because buyers fear catching of this plan, Mr. Hieu confirmed: "According to our fathom, needs in Hanoi is now very large at least will last 5-10 years time. "

He tell more Thuduc House is promoting large-scale projects on the regions in the country as the project Cantavil An Phu Phase 2 (HCM) with two blocks 36 storeys (coperate with Daewon Group); Hiep Phu highclass apartment, District 9 (HCMC) with capital 500 billion (coperate with Daewon Group, technical design by the Nihon Sekkei corporation - Japan implemented);

La Sapinette Trade Center - Hotel services and Hotel (Da Lat); commercial center, hotel project at Chan May - Lang Co has 12 hectares (Hue), Dong Mai industrial park 225ha (Hanoi) ...

Exciting end of the year

The cash flow is heating real estate market, cause they have the chance for recovery? - Mr. Le Thanh Liem - General Director of Textile Vietnam property JSC (Vinatexland) explains "In time of economic decline so the real estate market knocks back is understandable. But the ownership and use of real estate is essential needs so even if real estate prices down, market still exist and signs will soon restore".

"Problems is must look appropriate. With Textile Group is developing some land areas from the fabric was moving to industrial park, we are interested to invest the class B office and apartment building for low-income, ưelcome to the consumers in accordance with these products. "

Speed increased debt loan balance of real estate banking system four months in 2009 quite regularly from 0.5 - 1.0 percent per month. Debit balance in real estate lending by banks in HCM City and Hanoi about 10 percent / total debt balance. Currently, debit balance in real estate lending by a large comercial bank occupying 14 to 20 percent / total debt balance.

Le Chi Hieu, said that real estate market in Hanoi is still appraised by real estate investor and assessment are potential. Currently, there are many signs that the economy can restore, real estate market in Vietnam will need 3 - 6 months more to recover momentum.

"The recovery will take place at quite the level of the project will calming hot parts, then give the same orbital - the real" - for Mr. Hieu.

Source: Tien Phong

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