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Phan Thiet Hotel & Residential Development is located in Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

It is a new Hotel and Residential Renovation and Expansion project. Renovation part includes an existing of 80 hotel-rooms renovation from a total of 140 existing rooms.

Part of the project is to up-grade and create new back of house and public areas as well as to add a new hotel extension of seventy 45m2 hotel rooms including balcony from a total of 140 existing hotel rooms.

The development also consists of a total of one hundred and fifty units of apartments including one hundred 45m2 one-bedroom units with balcony, forty five 120m2 2-bedroom units, and five 220m2 penthouses units.

There will also be twelve 175 m2 villas located along the beach, a New Golf Club House with eight apartments, and a Hilton operated hotel with branded apartments and villas.


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