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MIPIM ASIA 2009, originally uploaded by Kiva.Dang.
MIPIM Asia 2009
November 18-20, 2009
Hong Kong

MIPIM Asia is an exciting conference and exhibition event focused on real estate in Asia Pacific. It has been designed to encourage western investment and to facilitate deals across Asia Pacific between local investors. MIPIM Asia provides the professionals from the industry with a unique insight into the Asia Pacific market with world class conferences and an exceptional showcase of development projects from the region.

Why Participate in MIPIM Asia?

At a time when the U.S. economy has taken a hit, the dollar is down against foreign currencies and membership numbers may have dropped, it’s easy to say that this is NOT the time to pursue such opportunities, but I’d suggest that now is EXACTLY the time you should consider this. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • The U.S. market has ample inventory, but domestic sales are down. Combine this with a weaker dollar against Asian currencies, and this is the perfect scenario for increased Asian investment.

  • In a tight market, your members look to maximize every dollar and may be asking what the Association is doing to help counter the domestic market slowdown? Working to attract a new source of buyers into the market is a pretty good response.

  • Strengthening alliances with area economic development boards is a win-win and provides a longer-term payoff than just one event or for a specific group of members. With foreign direct investment into the U.S. on the rise, those U.S. states actively seeking the money will do so.

  • Asia is on the rise. According to the International Monetary Fund the U.S. dollar is now closer to a sustainable value than it has been in a decade, while the euro is overvalued. The U.S. – Asia imbalances are the result of years of heavy U.S. consumption matched by equally heavy Asian savings. Such imbalances are potentially dangerous as if foreign investors' appetite for U.S. assets ever slackens, it could trigger a sharp fall in the dollar before causing interest rates to jump. The dollar's decline is a key element in putting the global economy on sounder long-term footing, making U.S. products less expensive for foreign buyers. (USA Today).

For more information about why to participate in MIPIM Asia, visit the MIPIM Asia Web site.

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