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Vnre.blogspot.com - Phu Quoc is the largest island off the coast of Vietnam, located at the southern tip of the country in the Kien Giang province, approximately 1000km from Singapore.

With the growing importance of tourism to the economy of Vietnam, a new airport has to be developed to be a leading ecotourism gateway of Vietnam. The Phu Quoc airport is one of six developments being undertaken by the Southern Airports Corporation.

The New Phu Quoc Airport terminal is programmed to serve 2.65 million passengers per annum (mppa) at a peak hour capacity of 1325 passengers in Design Year 2020. With a planning period for a 30-year horizon, the airport will serve 7 mppa (3,500 peak hour passengers) in Year 2030 and 8.5 mppa (4,250 peak hour passengers) in the ultimate planning stage. The Airport is planned as a 2-level processing terminal facility with 5 remote aircraft parking stands for Design Year 2020, and with expansion capabilities for the addition of fixed gangways and passenger boarding bridges in future.

CPG Consultants' design was selected as the winning entry for the design of New Phu Quoc Airport. The brief called for the terminal design to reflect the resort nature of Phu Quoc Island and to serve as an ecotourism gateway for Vietnam. The spatial composition of the terminal uses tropical architecture elements like ‘bridges’ over voids to connect the Departures Check-in Hall and the Departures Concourse. A lush open-to-sky ‘green lung’ spans the terminal’s length, drawing daylight into the interior, all the way down to the Arrival Hall below. The verdant greenery serves to heighten one’s sensibilities of having arrived at a terminal set in the heart of nature. On the external, a roof design with deep overhangs at the Departures Kerbside evokes a sense of tropicality while landscaping and water features at the arrivals kerbside play an important role in greeting the passenger with his/her first taste of tropical resort feel.

This project is currently in its Basic Design Stage.

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