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Phuoc Tinh Commune (Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau) today not only as a "richest country" bottle village but also known as a tourist address attracting many projects at house, villa, tourism and resort ... have been built along the two coastal roads.

The Phuoc Tinh project of Kim To company is scale, modern and successful. Because, between the economic degradation, many real estate projects obstruction, the Phuoc Tinh project of Kim To Company has continued to attract large customers and is in the process of completion, become a light points of socioeconomic picture of Long Dien district.

The project with total investment capital of nearly 602 billion, is located on the 7ha land area in the heart Phuoc Tinh communes, near the medical center, People's Committee, ports, markets, schools, banks , bus stop,... The whole project includes 177 link-houses, 76 villas, 1 swimming pool + massage + karaoke, trees park, a combination of apartment and commercial services Ocean View Manor ...

Up to the present, the project has completed the infrastructure and 65% of the architecture, 100% link-apartment and villa has been owned. When completed, the project will face a new architecture space for dragon land Long Dien, create jobs for hundreds of local laborers, promoting consumption and contributing to the transfer economic structure - the local society in the direction of tourism development - services to exploit the maximum advantages available by this country.

Defined as pressing architecture for the Phuoc Tinh project (Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau), as well as the regional of Long Hai town, a combination of apartment and commercial services Ocean View Manor, Kim To Company "order" design as 3 stars standard, 24 storeys high on the land area of 7.000m2 with total investment 207 billion, is expected to complete by 2011. Projects built with technology first used in Vietnam: basement use turbine technology of Japan is able to slide against the sloping land and and the high technology against 3D on floor and walls - Thermal fitting pair is available shorten construction time, lower cost, fire technology in air powder, perfectly safe to use.

The whole project is designed with full service facilities to meet housing needs, activities, vacation maintenance, entertainment, style and modern sustainable population in and outside the province. Total floor area of Ocean View Manor is 34.000m2, while basement is a place for cars; 3 floors for Wedding Banquet restaurant, 1st+2nd floor: Co.op Mart supermarkets; 4th floor is game and entertainment service for all ages; 5th floor for the office and bank-rooms, from 6th to 21th are apartments as 3 star standard, from 22th to 23th floor are a highclass apartment - penthouse; 24th floor is for the dancers, bar, coffee and other relaxing entertainment service...

Special point but not the ubiquitous apartment is advanced Ocean View Manor you can view the beautiful landscape and dreaming of Phuoc Tinh coastal with white spread sandy beaches, the quiet and straighten rive, the cool green grass carpet and Cua Lap bridge vibrant nightlife... Within the project, with particular focus park will be built for 2.2 hectares for the people who favorite amble and exercise. Scenery dreaming, fresh air, high quality service ...

owned an apartment here, you will really have the feeling the world around utilities were created to serve for you. Immediately after signing a contract to buy apartments Ocean View Manor, you only need 20% booking value of the contract, the remaining 80% will be GP Bank support during the 15 years, with interest at the rate of 12.5%/ year.

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Tel: 064.2672839 - 0903004874 - Fax: 064. 2672839
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