» » BIDV's VND1.3 trillion tower complex

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (Bidv) and the main investor of Tower Complex of offices, trade centres and apartments at 302 Cau Giay St, Hanoi has signed cooperation credit contract worth 1.3 trillion dong.

In details, BIDV would provide the credit of 1.3 trillion dong for Cau Giay Investment and Trading Services HSC – the main investor to develop the construction work for the project.

The 302 Cau Giay Tower would be a complex of offices, trade centre and high-class apartments to be built on a site of 10,218 square metres, including three buildings in which there is a 35-storey twin tower with five basements and total construction areas of 42,700 square metres.

There will be trade centres on Floor 1-Floor 5 and offices on Floor 06-Floor 19. The high-end apartments will be designed on Floor 21-Floor 34 in the twin tower, with 12 apartments for each floor.

In addition, there will be another 35-storey apartment building, according to the master plan for the complex, with eight apartments for each floor there.

At present, the project is in preparatory process. The investor is searching for partners to cooperate in carrying out construction work for the project.

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