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The green of healthy life

At Casalle Hills there is another dominant green from the forest, coconut-palms and poplars. Nature is appeared everywhere, in your house, at the garden, along the green road with trees wich are planted in harmony with the common style of villas.

The preserved ricinus forest of 50 hectares is there for your discovery and exposing.


Having taken a few hours to travel 175 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh city along 1A National highway, enjoying landscape on two sides of the street, you'll enter the high-class villa area named Casalle Hills.

Locating at the essential area of Lagi town, Binh Thuan province, nearby some famous tourist places such as: Thay Thim palace, Da Chim cliff, Ta Cu pagoda, Ke Ga cape… Casalle Hills has a splendid beach and ideal oceanic climate which is ideal for you and your family to have a leisurely vacation.

Ease from the comforts

You could begin a day in a gym with modem body-training system, enjoy a cup of Cappuccino in a Europe style coffee shop or simply lie on your soft bed to watch the sea.

Perfect in decoration

Designed in Europe romantic style and influenced by the Spanish sophisticated architecture, the villas here even have their own vitality and soul.

Airy and cool in summer, nice and warm in winter, the villas are ideal place for your family's the vacation.

Live with the nature

One of the first thing you cannot miss at Casalle Hills is that villas in green garden look like the sails in the ocean. The trees, the flowers, the sea and the wind will relieve all your daily concerns.

An ideal and peaceful place to settle down

With impressive lifestyle created by unique architecture and luxurious comfort that in harmony with splendid nature, the high class villa area Casalle Hills symbolizes for nowadays Vietnamese dreams: living with passion, keeping dreams alive and enjoying every day in higher quality. Welcome to the land of dreams!

Possessing avilla at Casalle Hills means that you are the owner of a real estate that everybody thirsts for – the most luxurious and largest tourist hub in area of 200 heatares.

The sea malody

Every morning, having waken up at Casalle Hills, rise up your shoulder and look out from the window, the sea appears. Having taken a few steps out, you will stand in front of the beach to enjoy the sunrise and play with the waves under your feet. How peaceful and pleasant the life is!

Casalle Hills villa area has a great view towards the poetic beach where you have relaxed and happy days. All members of your family could walk along the beach together, swim and play on smooth sand with the length of 2 kilometres, watch the violet sunset on the sea and experience unforgettable emotion every day of your life.

The land of dreams

All we have is the leisure and relaxed feelings created by the beautiful nature, the superb decoration, the high class comforts and services, and an opening and friendly community. It's the reason why we call Casalle Hills - The land of dreams.

Peaceful sandy hills

Casalle Hills – one of a few unique places in Vietnam with beatiful landscape and wonderful environment – there, you would enjoy the sea, the forest, the sand hill with your beloved family members.

Behind the villa area, there is a natural blue lake covering an area of 30 hectares with variety of aquatic creatures that makes the oceanic climate inherently cool and fresh.

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